Anybody in Cedar Park want to grab a drink chat tonight California CARLSBAD - SAN DIEGO 92011

If you big boobs big are interested let me know Its pretty casual No real expectations except that you can make me laugh a lot

Pish Posh California CARLSBAD - SAN DIEGO 92011

About me 48 female looking for male been divorced nearly 20 years 2 kids raised and out of the house country at heart financially stable DDF like to do countryhome stuff like gardening taking care of my home and my man dont care much for going out though an occasional dinner movie or camping trip would be nice hopeless romantic but realistic enough to know that Ill be lucky if I find someone I like and vice versa About you to make it work same interests are important hands on around the house No I dont need anyone to work on my house but Id love to work with you side by side while we put up sheetrock fence in the backyard or whatever other project either you or I have on our todo list financially stable but not a workaholic Id like to think that spending time with me will take some priority in your life though I am strong willed since Ive always had to be in charge with kids in the house I am looking for someone that can take over the boobs just boobs incharge position so I can for a change just let go for a while and focus on

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Petite girl looking for some GOOD lovin California CARLSBAD - SAN DIEGO 92011

Alright gentleman Im only 22 but I have already been thoroughly dissatisfied with men I dont think Im asking for much Im looking for a man with imagination some creativity a bit of charm Im looking for one night only an adventure filled night where a man will completely plan the date and Ill have to do is tiny girl big tits show up and be prepared to be impressed Send me pics and descriptions of the perfect date


I wonder how anyone could possibly let a 5 3 280 pound pig close get close enough to rip him of small girl big tits in the first place

Second Chance Do Over Id still love to be married and a mom California CARLSBAD - SAN DIEGO 92011

Do we match on the following 1 Would like to settle large natural breasts down and have kids in the next 2 years 2 Loves animals and isnt allergic to cats 3 Is happy doing volunteer work 4 Play sportssoccer is all the way 5 Likes to watch sports football baseball hockey 6 Enjoys spending time with his family and friends 7 Loves netflix nights and lazy Sunday mornings 8 Isnt afraid to say Im sorry or I love you I can admit when I am wrong 9 Is very affectionate but also very traditional 10 Is part of Generation X As for me I am a graduate student who also works full time as a corporate software trainer Not life changing work but it pays the bills I am divorced with no kids I do not drink smoke or do drugs I am 56 and am an extrovertI am also very silly happy and well grounded If we sound like a good match please email me

Meet Me California CARLSBAD - SAN DIEGO 92011

Im heading to Vans fat big boobs Warped Tour in Pomona on Friday with my friend

Not looking for a boyfriend I am looking for a stoner whatever California CARLSBAD - SAN DIEGO 92011

I am a lot of positive adjectives Well read well traveled well educated Im just a chronic underachiever Not necessary looking for someone else in the same state of arrested development big fat boobs I find myself in but it is always nice to commiserate Blaze make out Im open Please note this is written with jest and I am not a deadbeat burn out I am smart and consider conversation an art form When replying surprise me and dont just say hey I look forward to seeing what this turns up Peace

Is that you California CARLSBAD - SAN DIEGO 92011

Good afternoon gentlemen Im a beautiful AA woman 28yo and Im looking for a friendship that would possibly develope into a beautiful serious relationship race doesnt matter Im pretty much open to the heart So lets see natural big breasts what happens Please reply with a picture and Ill do the same otherwise you wont get a response back from me Have beautiful bless day