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Hey guys looking for a mature big boobs bra guy Sexy maybe talllol I prefer a guy with his own transportation Im a thick juicy girl that doesnt have a racial preference Please send a picture if you want a reply

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Sophisticated sexy single businesswoman is seeking a man that truly knows the art of i have boobs seduction a man that takes his time romancing a girl seducing her with his words and knowing glances It is hard to find a man that understands how powerful and sexy his words can beare you out there If so lets start by meeting over a drink somewhere romantic and see where the night takes us

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Application to be my Boyfriend California MONTEREY PARK - LOS ANGELES 91756

howdy potential companions answer the questions below elaborateness of answers up to you if you are interested in a chance at being my boyfriend the competition has been fierce lately what can i say so a filter is necessary also its also just fun right thank you in advance for your interest and time 1 Last time you read a book Did you enjoy it Would you theoretically carry a bookcase across town a small town or maybe a large park for the girl of your dreams Nontheoretically ie in real life would you physically be able to do this 2 How do you feel about cats b Also what about pet pigs or foxes or parrots or horses 3 a Elaborate upon your relationship status or lack thereof b Same question asked differently this is important On a scale from 110 with 10 being unquestionably totally completely single how single are you c Are you telling the truth 4 How do you feel about Magic the Gathering What about video games When was the last time you played either 5 Explain the difference between your and youre without using the internet for advice 6 If you were a type of cereal what kind of cereal would you be HINT this is NOT asking you which cereal is your favorite kind of cereal 7 In what ways might you be useful to have around 8 After meeting you twice what about you might annoy me What about after 3 months 6 9 Do you feel that motorcycles are too dangerous to ownride Relatedly imagine you are driving either a two or fourwheeled motorized vehicle on I95 the speed limit is 65 How fast are you natural breast going 10 If you were going to write an application to be your girlfriend what question would you ask BORING TECHNICAL STUFF 1 How old are you 2 Do you smoke or use drugs YN 3 How often do you use EtOH 4 Employment status Do you like your job


Ready for something boobs small real No BS Anyone have a positive attitude and life together No games

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Im big and beautiful and proud of it i know my worth looking for a man that with values is confident and secure and is not afraid to boobs boobs boobs take chances

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Respond with a photo if interested Please be unattached average boobs over 62 looking for more than just sex and close to my age Cant wait to here from u

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I think the title sums it up message me for details Me single black full big boobs curvy sexy fun

Single lady California MONTEREY PARK - LOS ANGELES 91756

So Im recently singlehome pretty boredcollege studentn oooh Im pretty girl Im 56 tall slimeasygoing classy ebony lady Im looking to possibly meetget to know a successful gentleman who knows how to treat big boobs bra a princess such as moi lol any ideas for tonightall ideas are welcome Be blunt and straight to the point please please no creeps I know I know its Craigslist lol but just looking for someone to put a smile on my face as well as trying out a new experience I have no problems meeting people in real life but theres has a fun sorta mystique feel to ithence why Im here