Looking for good company California PASADENA - LOS ANGELES 91126

So what Im looking for isnt a romantic long term relationship I guess its more full big boobs friends with benefits or just some good company I prefer older mature men Young guys especially those DTF and sending dick pics will definitely be ignored Preference for white guys middle eastern and oriental I am a student Latina Nerd I like video games and tv shows like Game of Thrones Im recently getting back into exercise So an exercise buddy is welcomed and I just like to have fun Maybe even a professionalsexual relationship Well see Ill send a lot more info to the right people I just know that Ill get a lot of junk from posting this


Hope to meet a sexy big black boobs single white gentleman for fun and drinks Please send sexy photos and I will reply

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Not looking for a boyfriend I am looking for a stoner whatever California PASADENA - LOS ANGELES 91126

I am a lot of positive adjectives Well read well traveled all boobs well educated Im just a chronic underachiever Not necessary looking for someone else in the same state of arrested development I find myself in but it is always nice to commiserate Blaze make out Im open Please note this is written with jest and I am not a deadbeat burn out I am smart and consider conversation an art form When replying surprise me and dont just say hey I look forward to seeing what this turns up Peace

Is there a man out there that is serious California PASADENA - LOS ANGELES 91126

I am a 45 yr old sexy bbw looking for a man that is serious about what he wants No big natural breasts BS no head games not married no girlfriend Other than that be 45 to 50 white single not separated male with his act together If you think you might be interested send me an email and lets get to know one another

Looking for a metal head who isnt psycho OR a felon California PASADENA - LOS ANGELES 91126

Please be boobs boobs boobs tall hot and sane Im very excited to talk

seeking swm over 45 to date California PASADENA - LOS ANGELES 91126

What ever happened to the days where you can date a man and get to know him through conversation and activities I am seeking an educated unattached white male over 45 years old I am seeking a man who has morals and values and believes in dating I like funny movies and lots of music from the 50s to the 80s I enjoy bowling and tennis Spring is around the corner and I am looking for a new friend I do not mind ladies boobs if you are divorced and have kids Family is very important

the picture as I see it California PASADENA - LOS ANGELES 91126

we wake up play tag or horsey or tiddleywinks awhile then we shower scamper around the kitchen getting in each others way as we fix coffee breakfast maybe a quick smooch and fondle as we head out the door to the farmers market for our yummies while we are out we sing along me on key you slightly off to the rock on the radioas the best music made was in the 70s and 80s lol love me some classic rock where I go all joan fucking jet on your ass or whip out a need boobs little pat benatar just to make you want me home thats me prancing around just out of reach while you are trying to watch sportswith my secret weapons honey gold dust powder and a feather out for dinneroops did I forget to wear panties what a bad girl Honey I dropped my napkin can you reach it AS THIS POST SHOWS I have a sense of humor and a sex drive I know lots of you guys dont believe its possiblebut its true Also I am single Can spell Can write sentences Put some thought into this post knowing it will of course appeal to the lowest common denominator on craigslistbut hoping to reach someone special funny and with a pulse Just like me ps adding a postscript my ads dont usually stay up for long flagged either by jealous guys who know I wont sleep with them or jealous women mad cause other women still like sex when they NEVER did Either way the flags fly and off I go Be quick

make me your barbie California PASADENA - LOS ANGELES 91126

Much older man needed to take me under his wing and make me his personal Barbie Much fun natural breast and many percs involved in this relationship